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Batnick Michael
The best investors and their worst investments
Bernstein Peter
Against the Gods
Boik John
Lessons from the Greatest Stock Traders
Buffett Warren  
Letters to Shareholders
Bloom Howard
Le principe de Lucifer, tome 1
Cohan William
The Last Tycoons
Carlson Ben
A Wealth of Common Sense
Dimitrijevic Marko
Investir dans les marchés frontières
Dorsey Pat 
The 5 Rules for Successful Stock Investing
Douglas Mark
The Disciplined Trader
Fisher Philip    
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits
Fournier Patrick 
Tout ce que l'Etat possède, il nous l'a volé
Gentry Dave 
Small Stocks Big Money
Getty J. Paul 
Reich sein
Greenblatt Joel
The Little Book that beats the Market
Greenspan Alan
Le temps des turbulences
 Griffin Tren
Charlie Munger the Complete Investor
Hagstrom Robert
Investing: The Last Liberal Art
Kaufman Michael
Kostolany André
Profitable Ideen für Sparer und Spekulanten
Krishnan Hari
Strategies for Profiting after a Market Sell-Off
Lefèvre Edwin
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
Loeb Gerald
The Battle for Investment Survival
Lowe Janet
Damn Right !
Lowenstein Roger
When Genius Failed
Marks Howard
The Most Important Thing
Marshall Tim
Prisoners of Geography
McNab Tom
Flanagan's Run
Miller Jeremy
Warren Buffett's Ground Rules
Mintz Steven
Five Eminent Contrarians
O'Neil William
24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success
Pabrai Monish
The Dhandho Investor
Rand Ayn
The Fountainhead
Rappaport Alfred
Creating Shareholder Value
Rifkin Jeremy
The Zero Marginal Cost Society
Schroeder Alice
The Snowball
Schwager Jack
The New Market Wizards
Sears Steven
The Indomitable Investor
Soros Georges
The Alchemy of Finance
Spitznagel Mark
Austrian Investing in a Distorded World
Taleb Nassim
Le Cygne Noir
Thorp Edward
A Man for All Markets
Zell Sam
Am I being too subtle ?